Hack Your Brain Chemicals Using Brainwave Entrainment

The use of brainwave entrainment technology has a remarkable effect, not just on the mind but also on the body. Lets look at a few of the chemicals that your body is producing right now that are affecting how you are feeling.


Cortisol is known as the ‘stress hormone’. It is associated with lower tolerance to stress, not being able to sleep at night, and premature ageing of the body.

Cortisol is released by our adrenal glands during times of stress, it is part of our built in ‘fight or flight’ response. It is meant to get us to panic and run away from the lion that we have just seen stalking us. But in our modern daily lives it can actually be draining for us to be in a state of constant panic. It is not just the big stresses that release Cortisol (like being held at gun-point) it is all the little stresses too (such as having to pay bills, or being late for work).

cortisol_stress_hormone_500The result of this is our bodies are constantly in a state of low level panic – which plays havoc with our bodies’ chemistry, affecting the synthesis of virtually every chemical in the body. The result is a circular cycle – the more Cortisol you have the more stressed you feel… And the more Cortisol you produce!

Stress Hormones Promote Pre-mature Ageing

The link between Cortisol and ageing is nothing new. Cortisol is commonly regarded as the biggest age accelerating hormone. In fact Cortisol is the only hormone that is produced by the body more as we get older, not less like the other hormones. This means that a 55 year old will have much more Cortisol circulating in their system than a 20 year old.

Some scientists have even termed it the ‘death hormone’ because at high levels it is toxic to brain cells. This is linked to the shrinkage of the brain in the elderly and senile.


How Cortisol Affects Learning and Memory

One of the major brain areas involved in learning and memory is the Hippocampus, unfortunately the Hippocampus is very sensitive to higher than normal levels of Cortisol – making it difficult to retrieve existing information (to remember or recognize something) or to absorb new information (learn something new).

High Levels of Cortisol Prevent You From Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Because we’ve talked about the panic inducing ‘fight or flight’ response that Cortisol triggers, it should come as no surprise that Cortisol will impair sleep. In fact bedtime is the time when our Cortisol levels should be at their absolute lowest. This is one of the cues that the body uses as a signal that it is time for you to go to sleep. Having high levels of Cortisol circulating in the bloodstream at night will delay the onset of sleep and cause the sleep that you do get to be fragmented and not the deeply restful and rejuvenating experience that it should be.

High cortisol levels can impact sleep
If you are not yet convinced about how dangerous high levels of Cortisol are for you, here is a list of the other ways it could be impacting on your health:

  1. Excess stomach fat that is resistant to weight loss
  2. Decreased muscle density
  3. Decreased bone density
  4. Insomnia
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Lower pain threshold
  7. Imbalances in blood sugar levels
  8. A weakened immune system

Luckily Brainwave Entrainment Technology has been proven to reduce Cortisol levels by an average of 47%! Some of the people participating in the study even managed to reduce their Cortisol levels by as much as 70%.

Human Growth Hormone

Scientists currently think that HGH is one of the most powerful chemicals is the fight against ageing. A clinical trial was done where elderly people were injected with HGH in order to see if it had any benefit in slowing down the ageing process… Did it have any benefit? You betcha!. It not only slowed down the course of ageing – it actually reversed it! By up to 20 years. Treatments with HGH are expensive (around $15,000 a year) and the effects stop as soon as you stop the treatment.

Luckily Brainwave entrainment has been proven to raise levels of HGH, and unlike injection based treatments this rise in the level of circulating HGH is maintained long term as long as you are still using brain entrainment technology.


DHEA is a vital precursor to almost all of the hormones your body needs to survive. Because DHEA levels fluctuate and decrease throughout life, somebody’s age can be determined extremely accurately just by measuring their DHEA levels. DHEA acts as a buffer against stress hormones (such as Cortisol) which is why as we get older we are more susceptible to the effects of stress.

Brain Entrainment Technology has been shown to sky-rocket the levels of DHEA in as little as a few days after you start listening!



Melatonin is widely recognized as an important chemical for relaxation and sleep. But that’s not all; Melatonin is also an extremely powerful antioxidant – in fact it has recently been found to have over 15 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C! It is also one of the few anti-oxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier, so as to protect the brain against free radical damage. (Most anti-oxidants cannot cross this barrier and so are useless from the standpoint of protecting the brain.) Brain entrainment increases the amount of melatonin your body produces and so gives your body a super-dose of antioxidants that help your body deal with the free radicals that are produced by your body when you are under stress.


As you can see brainwave entrainment can have a profound impact on  both your hormones and your overall biochemistry. The ability to hack your hormones is without a doubt one of the things that has the power to dramatically improve your life.