Why Your Brainwaves are the Key to Your Success

“The greatest discovery you’ll ever make, is the potential of your own mind.”
-Jose Silva

The Magic of Brainwaves

Our brain waves are patterns of electrical activity created by neurons firing in the brain. How fast or slow these neurons fire determines whether we have faster or slower brainwaves.

Brainwaves can be measured and recorded using electroencephalography (EEG).

As you can see below the slower the frequency of our brainwaves the more relaxed we get.
EEG Frequency chart

As the neurons fire less rapidly and our brainwaves slow down, you will find that the worries and preoccupations of every-day life slip away and as the grip that our conscious mind has over us relaxes, we are able to access our subconscious mind.

 The Power of Mastering Your Subconscious Mind

Mastering your subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. Did you know that over 95% of your thoughts are subconscious? Think about that for a second. That means that you are only aware of a measly 5% of your thoughts! It is actually quite scary when you first realize this. However now that you are aware of this you can use it to your advantage – by taking back control of what the other 95% of your mind is doing. This website will show you how to do exactly that.

Beta Brainwaves 13 – 40 Hz (The Alert Mind)

This is the state our minds are in most of the time we are awake. Concentration is easy because the brain is firing rapidly. You complete complex tasks that require ‘left brain’ processing power – such as solving a math problem or taking a test. (Complex higher-order problem solving).

Diagram of beta brain waves

However certain frequencies in the beta range (or spending too long in the beta range) can cause you to become stressed, anxious and irritable.

As you are most likely aware, spending too long in a unpleasant and stressed state can wreck havoc with your immune system. This is because when we are in a state of prolonged exposure to stress, our brain produces stress chemicals (such as Cortisol). These nasty chemicals do so much more then just put the immune system out of sync, in fact they cause every single biological system in the body to be put out of kilter. Making you feel depressed, lethargic and nervous.



You Produce More Beta As You Age

Scientists studying children noticed something strange. Up to the ages of 4 and 5 children produce far fewer beta brainwaves then adults. However once they hit this age their brains begin to start producing more beta brainwaves. The fact that this burst of beta coincides with the age they start school is not a coincidence, because this is when they are introduced to things such as arithmetic and how to spell. From this age on children continue to produce more and more beta waves until as an adult they are the dominant frequency of their waking thoughts.

Alpha Brainwaves 7 – 13 Hz (The Relaxed Mind)


When you start to relax your brain waves slow down from Beta and enter the slower and gentler waves of Alpha. The alpha state is experienced when you are awake, yet also calm and relaxed. This is the state of mind that you enter when you daydream or are absorbed by a good TV program or book. You can also enter Alpha during light meditation.

Diagram of Alpha Brain Waves


The Gateway to Your Subconscious Mind

Beta can be described as the gateway to your subconscious mind. Your creativity is heightened and you feel a state of peace and tranquility. Fears and worries slip away and you feel and an immense feeling of well-being wash over you. Learning and memorizing information is easy in Beta and this is why it can be referred to as a state of super-learning.

Alpha can also be a state of peak-performance for activities that do not require the quick firing and conscious awareness of alpha, but that require the mind going deeper into learned subconscious patterns – such as things that utilize muscle memory over ‘active thinking’ – such as an Olympic sprinter. (The sprinter doesn’t have to think “right leg, left leg, right leg again” consciously – he just tells his body to run and his unconscious does all this for him.)
This can also be described as ‘getting into the zone’.

Theta Brainwaves 4 – 7 Hz (The Subconscious Mind)

Theta is the state which your brain enters in deep meditation or light sleep. We normally only consciously are aware of this amazing realm briefly as we awaken from sleep (or falling asleep). It is also the state our brain is in when we dream.

It is characterized by a feeling of ‘oneness’ and connection with everything in the universe. Some people experience a ‘floating’ sensation.. You often see dreamlike imagery flashing before your eyes. Creativity is heightened and people report that they often receive flashes of intuition during theta. Insights and inspirations flow effortlessly into your mindDiagram of theta brain waves

It has been shown that when highly creative people have a good idea or insight into solving a problem, they get flashes of Theta waves in their brain.
During those ‘light bulb’ moments when you have an amazing idea or suddenly solve a problem and say: “I get it now!” You would have been experiencing a flash of Theta waves in your brain.

You might be starting to see why being able to put your mind into this state at any time might increase your productivity!

Delta Brainwaves 0 – 4 Hz (The Unconscious or Supra-Conscious Mind)

The delta state is the slowest of the brain frequencies and is normally only experienced during the deepest cycles of sleep. During Delta your body repairs itself on a cellular level. Delta is actually needed to renew the body. The highly beneficial chemical Human Growth Hormone has been shown to be released by the brain when it experiences frequencies that fall within the delta range.Diagram of delta brain waves
In your normal life so far you will never have consciously experienced delta (because you would have been deeply asleep). This is a shame because delta brain waves are highly pleasurable and rewarding. Luckily with brain entrainment technology you can train your brain to experience this state while you are still awake and aware.

As well as being a highly beneficial state to be able to enter for its benefits relating to healing, resting and renewing the body, Delta is also the frequency that your unconscious mind operates on. Because of this, when you enter Delta you are opening a door to your unconscious giving you the power to receive powerful insights that you were previously not aware of.

Gamma Brainwaves 30 – 100 Hz

Gamma is the most recently discovered brain wave state and because of this it is the least understood. Some scientists do not recognize Gamma as being separate to Beta, while some scientists think that the frequency of 40Hz is the source of the very act of cognition itself. EEG gamma waveSo far we understand that Gamma is involved during intensive bursts of higher-order thinking. More research needs to be done into Gamma waves and how they affect us.

Your Brain Can Experience Several Different States at the Same Time

At any one point in time different parts of your brain are oscillating on different frequencies, however at any one time there will a dominant frequency that most of the brain is operating within. For example a majority of your brain could be in beta but some small localized areas are in alpha and delta.

During normal life it is rare for the whole of the brain to be operating on the same frequency at any one time. Which is a shame because this is a very powerful state to be in because your brain is working ‘as one’ and and all parts are essentially ‘talking the same language’. Luckily there is technology out there that you can use to ‘hack’ your own brain and encourage it to into this high functioning state at will. It is called brain entrainment software.

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