How To Easily Remove Subconcious Limiting Beliefs

The Lazy Persons Secret to Success

Like many people you may be struggling through life knowing that you are being held back by subconsciously held limiting beliefs. It can feel like an uphill struggle when trying to live dealing with them, as you can see the effect they are having on your life, yet despite trying you are unable to change them.

Why are limiting beliefs so hard to remove? You may have been told in the past that things like affirmations and visualizations can remove these negative beliefs about yourself – yet you have tried them and found that they don’t work.

Luckily help is at hand. The secret to breaking through limiting beliefs is actually really simple once you understand how limiting beliefs are formed (and it also explains why they are so damn hard to remove using things like affirmations!)

The key lies in the brainwave state you were in when the belief was formed.

A brainwave chart of your subconscious mind.
When you are a baby and toddler your brain is in mostly a delta brainwave pattern – a pattern that adults only experience in deep, dreamless sleep. Because of this delta brainwave pattern you absorb absolutely everything that happens around you – you literally have no filters on what enters your subconscious mind! You will be absorbing everything that is said around you in order to form an idea of where you are in the world and how to survive in it.

Children between the ages of 2-6 years old are predominantly in a theta brainwave pattern. After roughly age 6 they spend a lot more time in alpha and beta. This is because when you hit 6 your brain decides that it thinks it knows enough about the world to survive in it.
So it will continue to run the same way it has learned up until that point.

If by age 7 you are still surviving then your brain decides that the system it has adopted is adequate for its survival and from this point on it is resistant to change.
(This is why psychologists have experimented time and time again and found that your basic personality is formed by age 7.)

The irony of this is that now you are an adult, you finally know the kind of beliefs that would help you in life! But because of your conditioning at an early age you brain can’t change these deeply entrenched mind patterns and beliefs.
In short your brain is simply not receptive enough because it is running in beta and alpha rather than theta and delta.

This is why affirmations fail for people 95% of the time, and the few people who they do work for have to repeat them tens of thousands of times in order for them to have any effect whatsoever.

Putting yourself back in the theta state is the key to absorbing the beliefs and attitudes that you actually want to have in life, (you know – the ones that would actually help you like: ‘I like myself’, ‘I deserve to be happy’ and ‘I am worth the perfect partner’).


How to Effortlessly Change Long Held Beliefs and Behaviors

I am now going to share with you what I like to call my secret weapon… This software changed my life and I still use it everyday.
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This software will allow you to blast through your limiting beliefs by taking you back to the highly open and absorbing state you were in as a child. I love this because it is like being able to go back in time and meet yourself as a child and teach yourself all the things that you wished someone had taught you.

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It might sound too good to be true– but you can be assured that every single second of these videos has been engineered to speak directly to your subconscious mind, without any effort needed from your conscious mind.

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If you have tried visualizations and affirmations and found that they didn’t work for you – then this is a great ‘trick’ you can use to cheat your biology and wallop your mind back into theta so that the good lessons and messages stick to your subconscious like super glue!


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